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Do you or your organization have an exciting project underway that could benefit from some spatial analysis or mapping with geographic information systems and technology? Are you a GIS graduate student, looking for the right activity with which to continue developing your technical and analytical skills? Here's an opportunity to make it happen.

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Our GIS&T Projects Database is designed to help make connections between clients from around the world and students from UCGIS member institutions. Students learn by doing, and they're looking for real-world projects, not too big but not too small. Managers and clients have data and questions, but don't have the capacity or expertise to complete the projects on their own. We don't do any actual matching, but we make it easier for you to find each other!

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Undertaking a real-world project is part of your degree or certificate program? Of course it is, because that's how you learn! Now that you're ready to begin this part of your studies, check out this collection of possible projects.

You've worked hard to learn your trade, now apply it and make a difference. Managers and clients will gain experience through this too. Learn how to describe your needs to experts, refine your analytical questions, and structure your project to maximize your chances for success and completion!